The Disturbance – Falk Richter

Gruppenbild Verstörung

We are right in the middle of the performances of the play of The Acting&Arts Company “The Disturbance” (Falk Richter), in which I am allowed to play the role of the child. Thanks to the great review by Kerstin Krämer in the Saarbrücker Zeitung! I’m proud of all of us for what we’ve done.

The Wiz – Musical (Tin Man)

the wiz Musical Blechmann

It is a great honor for me to lend my body and my voice to the Tin Man in the musical “The Wiz. The time with all the people from the Musical-AG is wonderful and they have shaped me a lot during this great work phase. I’m on stage: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Act! Film-Acting-Workshop

Fabian Demoszenenproduktion

On September 15 and 16, I went to a professional film acting workshop byAct!” for the first time outside of where I live. It was really fun. Besides, it was very instructive for me and it helped me to take a different look at films. (Photo: Christian Meier)